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Stall Drapes are made from 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura with a urethane coated backing making it Durable Water Resistant or DWR.  While a nylon product will always be stronger than a polyester, there is also a 500 Denier Polyester with urethane coating that offers an alternative in weight and sometimes cost, but still allows for durability, drape and water resistance.  E-mail for pricing specials.



Text Box: Cordura Fabric is:

Excellent durable fabric
Hemmed on all sides
Grommets along the top and sides to spare your drapes from wear and tear from staples and nails
Velcro-on valance for easy on and off attachment to stall drapes
Text Box: Fabric is Navy with  2” Tan Trim and 1” Burgundy Trim